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2016 Scholarship Winners' Recital

Denver Rocky Mountain Chapter September 12,

The chapter held its Annual Scholarship Winners’ Recital at First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Denver. Scholarships for six free organ lessons each taught by local AGO members are provided for up to eight promising piano students in the area. Students performed a wide range of selections from J.S. Bach to contemporary composers Janet Correll and Robin Dinda on the 1960 Lawrence Phelps Casavant (III/69). Opening and closing remarks were offered by the chapter dean David Vogels, a regular columnist for The American Organist, and Scholarship Coordinator Christine Martson.

Denver Rocky Mountain scholarship recipients and their teachers:

(front) Thomas Schulteis, Christian Lister, Anjali Rodrigues, Ananya Venkatesh, Rebecca Walton, and Gracie Wilson.

Teachers (back) Dr. David Macomber, Dr. Cindy Lindeen Martin, and Daniel Romero.

On the far right Scholarship Coordinator Christine Martsen.

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